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Portfolio Construction

While our work with clients highlights our empathy, family and relationships, nothing about how we invest is emotional. To the contrary, we take a pragmatic, non-emotional approach to investments to bring forth the best results for our clients. Bottom line, our philosophy is purely FACT based. Our investment philosophy is as follows:

(F) ee Sensitive
As students of the market, we are true believers that evidence, logic and analytics can guide us towards making the most sensible decision on behalf of our clients for their strategic asset allocation. Our goal is to allocate our clients’ portfolios in an efficient and effective manner while controlling for unnecessary expenses. This will enable you to reinvest with more assets, thus allowing for a powerful compounding effect.

(A) ccess
We believe in liquidity. Although allocations to hedge funds, private real estate, and private equity sound exotic and interesting, the limited access to your investment in those funds for several years can be burdensome. Our strategy is to invest in highly liquid public markets, so asset allocation changes (or potential changes to an investment plan) can be implemented without any hiccups.

(C) omplexity
The financial industry is an opaque world, where investment managers all promote that they have the secret sauce. Evidence suggests that simplicity trumps complexity.

(T) ax Sensitive
Next to fees, taxes are one of the biggest detractors from performance. We believe in a low turnover, tax-efficient portfolio. In addition, we review various tax saving strategies as a part of our Discovery and Visualization process.