As a successful individual, you seek honesty, integrity, meticulous organization and the highest standards when it comes to every aspect of your life. Why shouldn't you seek the same when it comes to your finances?


Financial Planning

We start with your goals - your life's true objectives. From there, we make specific recommendations to get you there.


Portfolio Construction

Our FACT-based investment philosophy and no non-sense approach to managing money focuses on patient portfolio growth


Tax & Estate Planning

Ease the burden that comes with handling a large estate through our intricate review process of all of your estate and tax documents.


Partner Coordination

We will synchronize the workings of every one of your existing advisors (CPA's, attorneys, bankers) to reach a unified goal for you.

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DiViDE: Fulfill your financial goals by design, not default


DiViDE: Fulfill your financial goals by design, not default


DiViDE Process

The most efficient method of solving a challenging equation is by dividing it into pieces. At Stokes Family Office, our process is to DiViDE up the complexities of a family's estate in order to design a plan they can live by:



Every client begins their experience of working with Stokes Family Office through our Discovery Process, which looks at the end in mind. What we look for:

✔ What are you looking to achieve?
✔ What does this wealth mean to you?
✔ How much would you like to spend each year?
✔ Are you charitably inclined?
✔ Do you want to help kids and grandkids along the way?
✔ Would you like to leave a sizable estate?



Upon the completion of our Discovery Process, we will create and depict a visual roadmap for you to see what need to be done to get you there:

✔ How can Stokes Family Office change the status quo for you?
✔ How can your goals be accomplished tax efficiently and with as little risk as possible?
✔ How would things look at the end compared to your goal?
✔ What would we do when things go off track?
✔ How sensitive is your portfolio to changing patterns - spending, market conditions, etc.?


Determine and Execute

Once you, your family and the Stokes team visualize the roadmap and are in agreement with the plan, we will partake together on the path to reaching your goal by implementing and executing the strategy.

Rather than using highly marketed strategies or solutions, we will seek a more logical, evidence-based route. Using history as a baseline guide, we can make the necessary investment decisions to achieve your objectives.

Circumstances change over time, so the long-term strategy has to be flexible as well. We will revisit the DiViDE process annually to ensure we remain on the correct path.


We will revisit the plan on a frequent basis to ensure we are being as efficient as possible given market conditions, current trends, and new strategies that can help us get there